Saturday, February 6, 2010


No. 132

Fm Gotthardpost ni hadiah dari mr hubby, masa trip kami ke Lugano bulan lepas. Mr hubby beli kat Oberwald sementara tunggu furka. Apa istimewanye fm ni adalah fm handmade sangat teruja dapat fm ni sgt well finished ...terpegun tgk dah tu besar pulak dan rega pun bole tak tahan dengar chf14 seketul....sbb Gottharpost ni mmg famous painting by Rudolf Koller (swiss famous painter)...nak tau sapa biasa meh kita check ngan Tuk Wi.

Sumber dari Tuk Wi mengatakan (qies paste sebahagian artikel berkenan gottharpost nie) :-

Gotthardpost painting by Rudolf Koller

"1870 an eye disease broke out, and Koller's work force increasingly impaired. At the height of his artistic abilities, he received in 1873 the mission of the Directorate of Swiss Nordostbahn. This looked at the adoption of the industrialist and railroad entrepreneur Alfred Escher a gift. Koller chose the GotthardWhose tunneling Escher had significantly initiated. The Gotthard road, nature study shows as an empty landscape, the pass road, the vertical-format image The pair Gotthard Post brings a detailed study of the coach (not yet at full speed), another sketch, finally, the Appendix to the final composition. The Gotthard Post was a composite of the designs and an expansion of panicking calf. The contrast of two different movements from the slowness of the cows and the speed of the coach Koller scored the desired dramatic effect. The Gotthard Post now hangs at the Kunsthaus Zurich. Koller 1874 painted for the Bank Credit Suisse in Zurich, a Replica them."

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