Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eze Village

No. 210

No. 211

Antara fm yang hampir berlapuk tak dibuat entry, mana tak nye fm ni lama giler dah beli masa Qies gi road trips ke Nice & Monaco last February, sekarang nie dah Jun dah hahaha..jadinye kemungkinan yang terdahulu dari ni pun mungkin ada yang tak dibuat entry lagi.

Fm 210 ada Lavender yang mana Eze Village ni sinonim ngan gelaran "Lavender De Provence" sebab tak jauh dari Eze Village terdapat ladang penanaman Lavender dan di Eze Village banyak terdapat barangan berasakan lavender.

Jom kita check ngan Tok Wi pasal Eze Village nie :

Eze Village

"Eze is one of the French Mediterranean coast between Nice and Monaco, situated village with 2957 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2007). It is located on a steep stretch of coastline and extends from Eze-sur-Mer at sea level on the picturesque village of Eze Village section (430 m above sea level. NN) to about 700 m height.

On the Middle Corniche (coast road) is Eze Village (altitude 430 m), with its narrow, traffic-free medieval streets. From the cactus garden offers a spectacular view of the cliffs and the Mediterranean. Here composed Friedrich Nietzsche to find in winter 1883/in 1884 a part of his epochal work Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Reminded of the "Sentier-Friedrich Nietzsche," which the philosopher has been often stay at his and he - the basis of which natural beauty - in his letters repeatedly praises. Today is the medieval city - like the entire Cote d'Azur - heavily influenced by tourism. Two luxury hotels, many boutiques and the coach tourism site is part of the originality of the lost. The perfumes of Grasse (Fragonard, Gallimard) maintain offices here.

Once a year "is Eze d'Antan place": the medieval Eze. Stands with medieval craftsmanship, serving of Met, the majority of local merchants and all manner of costumes of the time performances enable the visitor to centuries back."

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