Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thassos Island

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FM Thassos Island ni dari Maria di facebook, banyak gak ler yang diswap ngan Maria nie, mana tak nye banyak gak fm dari swiss yang direquestnye. Ni pun ada lg 5 magnets on d way dari Maria tapi bukan semua tuk Qies ler sebab ada antara member2 dan SR diblog yang tolong mintakkan fm dari Greece so Qies cuma bertindak sebagai orang tengah ajer, tolong sesama collector gitew.

Sumber dari Tuk Wi mengenai Thassos Island :-

Thassos Island view from space (credit to wikipedia)

"Thasos or Thassos is a Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea, close to the coast of Thrace and the plain of the river Nestos but geographically part of Macedonia. It is the northernmost Greek island. Lying close to the coast of Eastern Macedonia, Thasos was inhabited from the Palaeolithic period onwards, but the earliest settlement to have been explored in detail is that at Limenaria where Middle and Late Neolithic remains have been found which relate closely to those of the Drama Plain. In contrast, the remains of the Early Bronze Age on the island align it with the culture which developed in the Cylcades and Sporades to the south in the Aegean"

More info please click here > Thassos Island

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