Monday, March 22, 2010

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

No. 160

Fm pertama dari Hong Kong, cam biasa sumber dari kawan facebook. Fm pemandangan Victoria Harbour yang terkenal di Hong Kong. Ari ni tak de mood nak tulis panjang2..sebab dah mood berholiday. Jom check ngan Tuk Wi, layannnnnnnnnn

picture credit to wikipedia

"Victoria Harbour is home to most of the port facilities of Hong Kong, making Hong Kong amongst the world's busiest. An average of 220,000 ships visit the harbour each year, including both ocean going vessels and river vessels, for both goods and passengers. The Kwai Chung Container Terminals in the western part of the harbour is the main container handling facility, operating round the clock and handling about 62 percent of the 21,930 TEUs handled by the territory in 2004. Some 400 container liners serve Hong Kong weekly, connecting to over 500 destinations around the world."

Citer penuh disini ye > Victoria Harbour

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