Monday, August 2, 2010


No. 239

No. 240

No. 241

Rezeki terpijak dari member asben...yeay...sangat2 suka hokey, pandai dia pilih. Thanks Aidar...dia beli fm ni masa transit balik ke Kazakhstan last June ari tu.

Riga (Latvia Rīga) is the capital of Latvia , with 709 145 inhabitants, largest city in the Baltics. With over 882 000 inhabitants in the agglomeration of Riga is also the largest metropolitan area in the three Baltic states. The City (7 m above sea level) is on the Dvina (Latvian: Daugava), not far from the Gulf of Riga. The population has been the restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia in 1991 declined by about 180,000, as many of the decades before there are settled Russians migrated in, but also because of the birth deficit. Riga is the political, economic and cultural center of the country. The old Hanseatic city famous for its art nouveau buildings and their generous investment and for the well-preserved downtown.

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