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Road Trips bulan Jun 2010 dapat laa membeli fm Liechtenstein ni, kalo tidak mimpi ler nak dapat fm dari sini, mmg susah gak nak dapat fm ni sebab jarang2 org tau ada negara sekecil ni tapi tak sekecil Vatican City dan Monaco laa besar sikit aje hehehe..

Meh kita cari Tuk Wi tuk citer penuh pasal Liechtenstein nie :

Schloss Vaduz
*picture credit to wikipedia

"Liechtenstein [lɪçtənʃtaɪ̯n], officially Principality of Liechtensteinis a landlocked country in central Europe and aconstitutional monarchy to democratic and parliamentary basis. The sovereignty is both the people and the princes. TheAlpine country Liechtenstein is bordered to the west of Switzerland and to the east of Austria and is divided into eleven municipalities. capital and royal seat is Vaduz, the largest city is Schaan.

Liechtenstein is the smallest of the German-speaking states. In winter is Liechtenstein, especially the mountain village of Malbun (partial town of Triesenberg), as a winter sports destination. The highly cultured north (lowlands) and the less cultivated south (Oberland) characterize the landscape of the Principality. The country has a strong financial sector and is due to low taxes as a tax haven known. With 169'000 Swiss francs (about € 110'500) per person employed (2005), the Liechtenstein, the highest GDP per capita worldwide, the country is free from debt.[4] The Prince monarchy is a member of the United Nations and of the European Economic Area."

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